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LAN Speed Test 2.0.7

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LAN Speed Test
LAN Speed Test is designed to be a rock solid tool to measure your file transfer and network speeds (wired & wireless) easily and accurately. It does this by building a file in memory, then transfers it both ways (without effects of windows file caching) while keeping track of the time, and then does the calculations for you. Simple concept and easy to use. You'll find that LAN Speed Test will quickly become one of your favorite network tools! LAN Speed Test 2.0 has been completely re-written with many new requested features and a new powerful process to measure your LAN speed that is much faster and more accurate than version 1.0. You'll find that LAN Speed Test v2.0 will quickly become one of your favorite network tools! Some of LAN Speed Test v2.0 Features include... Completely portable - No installation needed Incredibly small (107KB) and can run from a hard drive, USB Flash drives, etc. Compatible with all Windows 2000 & up Version 2.0 registration is now only $5.00! Very Fast! Most tests are less than 1 minute Progress window that displays progress bar and allows user to cancel at any time LST Server support for a more accurate True network speed without hard drive limitations - Even test WAN (internet) speed with LST Server New Network Scan (lets you see all other computers/devices that are on your network) with the ability to Ping test to any of them New Logging Capabilities Scheduling runs now an option with logging and new Command Line format Open/Save option to .csv file Individual profiles automatically saved to .ini file to remember all settings Selectable Speed Measurements Command Line Mode (Allows network administrators to start the test from the client's workstation and view the log file from anywhere on the network)
LAN Speed Test
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Author: Totusoft
License: Shareware
Price: $5
File Size: 369.0 KB
Downloads: 2

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